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G-Force Adventures: Archery Tag
Archery Tag


         From time to time we get asked a lot of questions regarding Archery Tag here at G-Force such as; Is it safe? How does it work? Does it shoot like a real bow? How is it played? We would like to take the time to answer these question in an informative way while at the same time getting perspective players to understand the game and its mechanics. First and foremost, yes believe it or not Archery Tag is very safe. With the way the arrow tips are designed they make it so that they will not leave any bruises or welts for participants. This is because of the design of the arrow itself featuring a cushioned tip to deliver safe hits while at the same time not sacrificing on performance. We also require that players wear protective face gear just in case of a head shot so that way the more delicate features of the face are protected at all times.

        Our bows work in the same exact way real bows work in terms of the mechanisms that are involved such as loading your arrow, pulling back the string, and then releasing it. This allows for players to get a glimpse of what it is like to fire a bow and learn the same mechanics involved in firing a real bow. Players who already have experience using bows in real life will feel right at home as the transition to actual game play would be seamless.

        Our next biggest question is how do you play? Each player brings in two arrows with them and their bow. After suiting up their protective gear it comes down to the basic rules of Archery Tag. If you know how to play dodge ball you are already halfway there. Imagine the sport as a mix between dodge ball and target shooting. Simplified the goal is to get all the players on the opposite team out by tagging them with a fired arrow. The other possible way to win is to knock out all five targets of the opposing teams board. Similar rules such as no crossing established lines into the enemy teams area and catching flying arrows are the same as the classic game dodge ball. If you catch an arrow then a team member who is currently out is allowed back into the game. There is a middle area known as no mans land which cannot be crossed by either team. To spice things up we also include obstacles on each side of the court so that way players can use them as cover from the projectiles.

        So now for the last and most important question now that you have a basic idea of the game, whats stopping you? Archery tag is available for all age groups and allows kids to learn the basic of bow use as well as incorporating them into a fast paced and entertaining game designed to increase physical activity, and be exciting and fun. For veteran players and adults, it makes for a visceral and action-packed game that is something akin to a real-life Hunger Games. So now that you have a better idea of what it is and how it works come on down to G-force Laser Tag in our Augusta, Maine location in the Marketplace next to Barnes and Nobles and Regal Cinemas.

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G-Force Laser Tag.... You dont just play the game youre in it for real!

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Thu, February 01, 2018

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Sat, December 15, 2018

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         From time to time we get asked a lot of questions regarding Archery Tag here at G-Force...  


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Thu, February 01, 2018


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