Events for February

Ethen & Deven's B-day Party 02/01 1:00PM
Morgan's B-day Party 02/01 12:00PM
Spencers Bday Party 02/01 1:00PM
Thaedyn's bday-party 02/01 2:30PM
Jackson's Birthday Party 02/01 6:00PM
Landon's Party 02/01 3:30PM
B-Day for Blake Wilbur 02/02 1:00PM
Superbowl Sunday 02/02 5:00PM
Samuels Birthday 02/02 1:00PM
Tabletop Games 02/02 3:00PM
RC and Drone Racing 02/03 6:00PM
Airsoft Wars 02/07 3:00PM
Caden's B-day party 02/08 12:00PM
Ethan's B-day Party 02/08 3:00PM
Owen's B-day Party 02/09 11:00AM
RC and Drone Racing 02/09 6:00PM
Dalton's B-day Party 02/09 3:00PM
Payton's B-day Party 02/09 1:00PM
Luka's birthday party 02/09 3:00PM
Tabletop Games 02/09 3:00PM
Valentines Day at G-Force 02/14 3:00PM
Nerf Wars 02/14 4:00PM
Axe throwing 02/14 7:30PM
Axe Throwing 02/14 7:00PM
axe throwing 02/14 4:00PM
Seamus's B-day 02/15 3:00PM
Zevulon b-day 02/15 2:00PM
Adaim's Birthday Party 02/15 1:00PM
G-Force Cosplay Photo Shoot 02/16 10:00AM
Everything RC Swap Meet 02/16 10:00AM
RC and Drone Racing 02/16 6:00PM
Josaph's B-day Party 02/16 3:00PM
Tabletop Games 02/16 3:00PM
Kaleb's B-day Party 02/16 12:00PM
Andy's B-Day Party 02/16 1:00PM
February Break Special 02/17 10:00AM
Angela 02/17 3:15PM
February Break Special 02/18 10:00AM
February Break Special 02/19 10:00AM
February Break Special 02/20 10:00AM
February Break Special 02/21 10:00AM
Airsoft Wars 02/21 3:00PM
Axe Throwing 02/21 3:00PM
Chrysanthemum's B-day Party 02/21 7:00PM
Ava 's Bounce Zone B-day Party 02/22 2:00PM
Aunika's B-day Party 02/22 12:00PM
Amariss's Bounce Party 02/22 3:00PM
axe throwing 02/22 5:00PM
Adelynn's Bounce Party 02/23 3:00PM
RC and Drone Racing 02/23 6:00PM
Brielle' B-day Bounce Party 02/23 2:00PM
Tabletop Games 02/23 3:00PM
Brewer Junior Air Force ROTC Fundraiser 02/28 3:00PM
Nerf Wars 02/28 4:00PM
Brewer Junior Air Force ROTC Fundraiser 02/28 3:00PM
Steven's B-day Party 02/29 12:00PM
parkers birthday 02/29 2:00PM
2 Person Sumo Wrestling Game

A fun way for most ages to try their balancing and agility skills against each other to achieve victory in G-Force Sumo Wrestling.

Spice Up Your Event with G-Force Sumo Wrestling! It will make you laugh your you know what off. Our Sumo Wrestler game is complete with 2 sets of suits for a faster throughput. G-Force Sumo includes an inflated wrestling ring and mat.
This game is for two (2) people at a time. Players climb in to our Sumo Arena wearing their Large Sumo Wrestling suits. Using their bellies, they try to knock over each other to gain points for the win.
From Corporate Events, Project Graduations, Birthday Parties, Weddings or any other get together you may have we offer a wide range of party equipment. We offer more than just party rentals. We offer quality service that you can count on every time.
Give us a call today. We will help you throw a successful event!


It's very large at 19.5' x 19.5'


How Many People can Play Per Match?
2 per Match


Electrical Requirements:
This unit requires one separate 110 Volt outlets on 1 separate circuit breakers.


Sumo Wrestling is a two person game. Each Player wears head gear, gloves and a yes a large sumo suit so you can battle with your opponent in a Sumo Wrestling Arena. The first to reach 3 points in 3 ~ 5 rounds wins the round.
For your safety, our equipment is cleaned, sanitized, and inspected prior to every use. Our friendly and courteous delivery team will deliver your equipment promptly and with a smile. We will provide you with the best equipment and the most outstanding service in the industry.


Important Information:
We are not a drop and run service. You can either have us run all of the equipment rented from us or have a member of our staff train your volunteers to safely man the equipment. A G-Force Representative will always on site for any questions. We also bring backup blowers and patch kits just in case of equipment issues.
All our equipment in inspected each year by the state and has the proper state certificate sticker on them. We carry liability insurance an accident rider and all our staff are covered by Workman's Comp.
You will always have a good time with us because we think of you and your guests as the most important part of our company, without you we would not exist.

We are in the business of selling smiles so If you and your guests aren't smiling, we didn't do our job.