G-Force Challenge

The Extreme G-Force Challenge An Incredible 150 Foot Inflatable Military Style Obstacle Course.

This inflatable course will challenge competitors to navigate a series of military-style obstacles rivaling a first week of boot camp. An extreme mammoth structure at 150'-long, complete with tires, giant barriers and a rope swing over a pit that can be filled with water. There is even a vertical wall to scale. There is a challenging hill to climb, a laser beam field and you still must face another obstacle before climbing your way to the top and sliding to victory!
Race your way through this extreme inflatable obstacle course to test your skills and ... Race against your friends in this 150 foot inflatable obstacle course really see who is the best of the best.
This not your standard 80 foot obstacle course. This is The 150' Foot G-Force Challenge!!

The G-Force Challenge Dimensions:
Length = 150 feet
Width = 16 feet
Height = 20 feet

How Many People Will This Unit Handle?
Depending on their age 2 people every 15 ~ 20 sec

Electrical Requirements:
This unit requires five(5) 110 Volt outlet.

Special Safety features are factory built into every one of our inflatables including; Rugged, triple reinforced seams, Secure safety netting to keep bouncers inside and visible at all times, and Safety entrance steps. Strong high quality materials are used to construct the inflatable.
For your safety, our equipment is cleaned, sanitized, and inspected prior to every use. Our friendly and courteous delivery team will deliver your equipment promptly and with a smile. We will provide you with the best equipment and the most outstanding service in the industry.

Important Information:
We are not a drop and run service. You can either have us run all of the equipment rented from us or have a member of our staff train your volunters to safetly man the equipment. A G-Force Representive will always on site for any questions. We also bring backup blowers and patch kits just in case of equipment issues.
All our equipment in inspected each year by the state and has the proper state certificate sticker on them. We carry liability insurance an accident rider and all our staff are covered by Workman's Comp.
You will always have a good time with us because we think of you and your guests as the most important part of our company, without you we would not exist.

We are in the business of selling smiles so If you and your guests aren't smiling, we didn't do our job.

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