Events for January

Kaleb's 10th Birthday 01/01 12:30PM
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Moon Light Savings 01/06 6:00PM
92 Moose Event 01/06 9:00AM
Trishelle 13th B-Day Party 01/06 4:00PM
Night Pass!! 01/06 8:00PM
Aedan's B-day 01/07 11:00AM
Open to Public 01/07 11:00AM
Portlant Fire Fighters Children Burn Foundation 01/11 3:00PM
Bounce Day 01/11 11:00AM
Grant Birthday Day 01/12 12:00PM
Early Release 01/12 11:00AM
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Derby Academy Ski Weekend 01/13 4:30PM
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Carter's B-Day 01/14 11:30AM
Carter's B-Day 01/14 11:30AM
Collin & Chase 01/14 2:00PM
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Martin Luther King Jr Day 01/15 10:00AM
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The Bee 98.5 FM 01/20 9:00AM
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Babson College Laser Tag 01/26 7:00PM
$20.00 Day Passes!!! 01/26 2:00PM
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Sale Sunday! 01/28 11:00AM
Magician & Hypnotist Show

Master Magician Hypnotist

What makes G-Force Magician & Hypnotist performances so special is the ability to mystify, entertain and make everyone laugh on different levels at the same time. There's nothing better than seeing corporate executives, employees and clients or grandparents, parents and children all having a wonderful time together at the same show. G-Force's magic and hypnosis truly transcend all age, ethnic, economic and social barriers to bring people together in a common state of amazement and laughter.
We continually adds new material and updates the shows to keep them fresh, current and interesting. The shows are kept on file so future performances are always new and different for his many repeat customers.
G-Force's shows are designed for fun; no one is ever embarrassed or compromised. Mark believes the participants in his shows are the stars, and he makes them shine.
Performing since 1970, student of the world reknown hypnotist Ormond McGill, MARKO makes every show, educational, corporate, or entertainment an event to remember...


Mark is a highly skilled sleight-of-hand magician with the unique ability to make magic happen in your hands.
He uses cards, coins, ropes, your personal items, and an endless list of props to create mini illusions that will knock your socks off.
Mark's close-up magic is an excellent idea for cocktail parties, dinners, meetings, business promotions, trade shows, conferences, restaurants, cruise ships or any situation where people are seated or mingling. Close-up magic is also a great way to warm up an audience before a formal show.


Stand-Up Magic
These performances are ideal for groups of fewer than 100 people. They are a mini version of a stage show and are suited for smaller gatherings. There is plenty of audience participation, and shows can be designed for any age or occasion.


Stage Performances
Mark is a wonderful stage performer who handles an audience like no one else. You'll feel like you're right on stage with him the whole time.
His stage performances include illusions that will astound and mystify. All shows provide for plenty of audience participation on a volunteer basis.
Stage performances are an excellent idea for companies, conferences, trade shows, orientations, high schools, colleges, fairs, festivals, cruise ships, resorts, private parties, fund raisers... Shows can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Hypnosis for Entertainment!
Mark is a Certified Master Hypnotist & Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.
Mark began studying hypnosis in college. Having a chance to study hypnosis with world-renowned hypnotist Ormond McGill has been one of the highlights of MARKO's career. MARKO's shows are designed for fun and no one is ever embarrassed or compromised.
He gives you the option of general shows, "The Power Of Your Mind" school assembly programs or custom-tailored shows that are sure to be a hit. Shows are kept on file so future shows will always be new, exciting and different.
Mark's shows have something for everyone regardless of age and all shows are geared for the audience.
Tasteful - Appropriate - Respectful - Amazing.
Mark takes his subjects on magical journeys of their minds. Every show is jam packed with music, sound effects, props, comedy, mystery, excitement, emotions, intrigue and much more. Subjects will leave His show with new-found energy, enthusiasm, self-confidence and a higher self-esteem.
You'll be bent over with laughter. You'll laugh so hard you'll hurt. MARKO finds 100% of his volunteers’ talents and showcases them in a fun and exciting way. MARKO turns volunteers into stars using hypnosis to extract hidden talents. Volunteers have so much fun that they attend future shows to participate again and again. MARKO's hypnosis shows will make your events the talk of the town!
Always Hilarious!


Some of Mark's References:
IBM * Verizon * Pier 1 * Pepsi * Coca-Cola * Burger King * Disney Magazine * Pizza Hut * National Guard * Sheraton * West Point * NBNA * GMAC * Dan Brown ( Author: Da Vinci Code) * Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Department of Education: Burlington * Hanover * Mount Abraham * Suffield Academy * Salem * Caribou * West Orange * Rochester * Pittsburg * Forman * Hartford * Exeter