G-Force GaGa Ball

Have you ever played G-Force Gaga Ball? If not you need to discover the thrill! G-Force Gaga Ball is a fun, fast paced and competitive game that almost anyone can play, regardless of age! It's a great way to get exercise and have fun doing it!

What is G-Force Gaga?
You know that everyone's going GaGa over gaga. But what is it? Here's the 411:

G-Force Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport played in an octagon shaped pit. The more players the better! Played with a special ball called a GaGa Ball, this safe game combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a serious workout.

If your child is a great athlete, gaga will help him or her improve core skills for more traditional sports. If not, he or she can still excel - there are elements of strategy and luck that makes this anyone's game.

Easily addictive, people can't wait to get back in the pit. The games move quickly ...after a few short minutes, the action heats up with a second ball, sure to get even the best players out within minutes. Once the game ends, everyone is back in for the next round.

What we know for sure is that the excitement surrounding G-Force GaGa is exploding!

The G-Force GaGa Pit Dimensions:
Length =20 feet
Width = 20 feet
Height = 30 inches

How Many People Can Play?
Depending on their size, 2 to 30 participants

Electrical Requirements:
This unit requires no power just adrenaline.

Gaga Ball is typically a safe game, but accidents can happen on occasion.
To avoid the possibility of injury, just like in any other game or sport, simply use good judgment when playing, and fallow our rules

Important Information:
We are not a drop and run service. You can either have us run all of the equipment rented from us or have a member of our staff train your volunters to safetly man the equipment. A G-Force Representive will always on site for any questions.
We carry liability insurance an accident rider and all our staff are covered by Workman's Comp.
You will always have a good time with us because we think of you and your guests as the most important part of our company, without you we would not exist.

We are in the business of selling smiles so If you and your guests aren't smiling, we didn't do our job.

How to play:

It's super simple. Basically, we throw a bunch of players and a ball in a pit. Turn up the music, everyone for him/herself; if the ball touches you below the knee, you're out. The last one in the pit wins. Then, everyone hops back in for the next round. Games typically last no more than five minutes. It's fast, it's sweaty and it's really addictive. As soon as you get out, you can't wait to hop back in. That's why they're all talking about it!

The official game rules of G-Force Gaga:

1. Designate one non-player as the referee. The referee is the sole authority during play and is responsible for settling disputes and ensuring fair play.
2. All players start with one hand touching a wall of the pit.
3. The game begins with a referee throwing the ball into the center of the pit.
4. When the ball enters the pit, the players scream 'GA' for the first two bounces, and 'GO' on the third bounce, after which the ball is in action.
5. Once the ball is in play, any player can hit the ball with an open hand, may not carry or throw the ball and player cannot kick the ball.
6. If a ball touches a player below the knee (even if the player hits himself or herself) he or she is out and leaves the pit. If a player is hit above the knees, the play continues.
7. If a ball is caught on a fly, the player who threw the ball is out.
8. If a player hits the ball out of the arena without touching the wall, ground, or another player, the player who hit it is out. The last player to come in contact with or touch the ball is eliminated.
9. Using the walls of the octagon to aid in jumping is legal as long as the player does not permanently sit on the ledge of the octagon.
10. Players cannot hold the ball.
11. A player cannot touch the ball two times sequentially; the ball must hit another player or wall before that player can touch the ball again. If the player violates this rule, it is called a double touch and that player is out.
12. If needed, a second ball can be thrown in the pit to expedite the end of the game. The last player standing is the winner of that round.

G-Force GaGa Ball will be a smash at your next party, get together, Ice breaker or corporate event.

Great for a wide variety of ages.

You Don't Just Play The Game,

                                    You're In It!

                                                      For Real !!!