Events for June

Flip a Coin Day 06/01 10:00AM
Birthday Party 06/01 12:30PM
Owen's B-day 06/01 4:00PM
Falmouth High School Project Grad 06/02 11:00PM
John Bapst High School Project Grad 06/02 8:00PM
Winslow High School Project Grad 06/05 9:00PM
Carrabec Community Scholl Field Day 06/05 7:30AM
Lawrence High School Project Grad 06/06 10:00PM
Hussey Elementary School Field Day 06/06 8:30AM
D-Day 06/06 5:00PM
Presque Isle High School Project Grad 06/07 12:00PM
Elabco 06/07 1:00PM
Westbrook High School Project Grad 06/08 9:00PM
Best Friends Day 06/08 10:00AM
Lincoln's B-day Party 06/08 3:30PM
Evan's B-day Party 06/08 12:00PM
Cony High School Project Grad 2019 06/09 8:00PM
Caribou High School Project Grad 06/09 12:00PM
Gorham High School Project Grad 06/09 10:00PM
Donald Duck Day 06/09 11:00AM
Mt View High Scholl Project Grad 06/09 9:00PM
Leavitt Area Project Grad 06/09 8:30PM
Sanford High School Project Grad 06/12 9:30PM
Fort Kent Elementary School 06/14 8:30AM
Flag Day 06/14 10:00PM
Eamon B-day Party 06/14 4:30PM
World Juggler's Day 06/15 10:00AM
Lorelei's B-Day Party 06/15 2:00PM
Luke's Graduation Party 06/16 1:00PM
Father's Day 06/16 11:00AM
Bangor High School Project Grad 06/16 10:00PM
China Middle School 8th Grade Graduation Party 06/17 10:00AM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag 06/24 10:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag 06/25 10:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag 06/26 10:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag 06/27 10:00PM
International Body Piercing Day/Paul Bunyan Day 06/28 10:00AM
Kennebec Chamber MIll Park Fun Day 06/29 11:00AM
Mapleton Daze 06/29 11:00AM
G-Force Gyro with Real 360 Fun

The G-force GYRO is a safe, fun entertainment option that gives your campers the opportunity to experience simulated weightlessness. It's also a good core trainer.

Our Three-dimensional, Human Gyroscope was originally developed by NASA in the 1960's for use in the training program of the Apollo and Gemini Astronauts. This gyroscope has enabled the astronauts to become comfortable with the simulated experience of weightlessness and the roll and tumble associated with outer space. Over the years similar programs have been introduced into many of the Air Force training programs around the world.
The G-Force GYRO riders will enjoy a rotation of 360, the speed and direction controlled by the rider. The rider experiences the unique feelings of free, three-dimensional rotation. This ride is stimulating; it helps with balance and strengthening of your core. And of course it's tons of fun! Our G-Force GYRO is suitable for riders from 4'10" to 6' 3" tall Max Weight 325lbs.
Give us a call today. We will help you throw a successful event!

10' x 10' x 12'

How Many Riders?
1 Person every 3 ~ 5 min

Electrical Requirements:
This unit requires no power.

Each Rider is strapped in at 4 points. to date we have not had anyone get sick or dizzy on the G-Force Gyro

Important Information:
We are not a drop and run service. A trained member of our staff will run the Gyro to ensure the safety of your guests. A G-Force Represent will always on site for any questions. All our equipment is inspected by our staff before your event for safty.
All our equipment in inspected each year by the state and has the proper state certificate sticker on them. We carry liability insurance an accident rider and all our staff are covered by Workman's Comp.
You will always have a good time with us because we think of you and your guests as the most important part of our company, without you we would not exist.

We are in the business of selling smiles so If you and your guests aren't smiling, we didn't do our job.