Events for January

Kaleb's 10th Birthday 01/01 12:30PM
Welcome on 2018 01/01 11:00AM
Bounce Day 01/04 11:00AM
Loring Job Corps 01/05 6:00PM
Flash Friday!!! 01/05 2:00PM
Moon Light Savings 01/05 6:00PM
Night Pass!! 01/05 8:00PM
Keegan's Birthday 01/06 1:30PM
Kasen's B-day 01/06 3:00PM
Trishelle's B-day 01/06 4:00PM
Open to Public 01/06 11:00AM
Moon Light Savings 01/06 6:00PM
92 Moose Event 01/06 9:00AM
Trishelle 13th B-Day Party 01/06 4:00PM
Night Pass!! 01/06 8:00PM
Aedan's B-day 01/07 11:00AM
Open to Public 01/07 11:00AM
Portlant Fire Fighters Children Burn Foundation 01/11 3:00PM
Bounce Day 01/11 11:00AM
Grant Birthday Day 01/12 12:00PM
Early Release 01/12 11:00AM
Open to Public All Day 01/12 11:00AM
Night Pass!! 01/12 8:00PM
Ryker's B-Day 01/13 11:30AM
Payton's B-day 01/13 3:00PM
Domionic's Birthday 01/13 1:00PM
Elliot's Birthday 01/13 11:00AM
Derby Academy Ski Weekend 01/13 4:30PM
Open to Public All Day 01/13 11:00AM
Moon Light Savings 01/13 6:00PM
Night Pass!! 01/13 8:00PM
Carter's B-Day 01/14 11:30AM
Carter's B-Day 01/14 11:30AM
Collin & Chase 01/14 2:00PM
Sale Sunday! 01/14 11:00AM
Open to Public All Day 01/14 11:00AM
Martin Luther King Jr Day 01/15 10:00AM
Open to Public All Day 01/15 10:00AM
Bounce Day 01/18 11:00AM
Open to Public All Day 01/19 2:00PM
Flash Friday!!! 01/19 2:00PM
Moon Light Savings 01/19 6:00PM
Night Pass!! 01/19 8:00PM
Jeffery's Birthday 01/20 12:00PM
Blake's B-day 01/20 4:30PM
Rion's B-Day 01/20 11:30AM
The Bee 98.5 FM 01/20 9:00AM
Open to Public All Day 01/20 11:00AM
Moon Light Savings 01/20 6:00PM
Night Pass!! 01/20 8:00PM
Gabriel's Birthday 01/21 10:30AM
Open to Public All Day 01/21 11:00AM
John's B-day 01/21 2:00PM
Bounce Day 01/25 11:00AM
Open to Public All Day 01/26 2:00PM
Babson College Laser Tag 01/26 7:00PM
$20.00 Day Passes!!! 01/26 2:00PM
Night Pass!! 01/26 8:00PM
Night Pass!! 01/27 8:00PM
Open to Public All Day 01/27 11:00AM
Moon Light Savings 01/27 11:00AM
Open to Public All Day 01/28 11:00AM
Sale Sunday! 01/28 11:00AM

Private Laser Tag Birthday Party Packages

The Hottest New Birthday Party Ideas

  • The kids get to play Laser Tag or any of our other offerings in their own Back Yard, Woods, Recreation Center, School Gym, Local Park, Ice Skating Rink, Church...
  • Parties Last for Two Hours
  • Great for Kids Ages 6 to 96

What We Do For You!

  • We Bring the Birthday Party Activities To You!
  • Choose From Our Extensive Activity List and Field Upgrades.
  • Cool Music the Kids Love.
  • Our Parites are sure to be a hit.
  • Everybody Playes at The Same Time.  No Waiting No Sharing
  • We Can Accommodate Kids / Adults with Special Needs.

What do you do?

You Bring the Kids

Birthday parties for children are getting more elaborate and original every day. If you are a parent who likes to create a unique birthday party that your child and guests are going to remember forever, then a birthday party provided by G-Force Adventures will go above and beyond your party planning expectations.

We will print colorfull custom birthday invitations for the birthday party and mail them to you at no extra cost!!

Call us today at (207) 227-5562 to schedule the best birthday party on this planet!!

Your Party Host or Hostess will take charge when it's time to have fun. Just sit back and watch the fun!! OR YOU CAN JOIN IN THE FUN, AND PLAY TOO!!

G-Force Party Options divider *Birthday Party Packages Include
A Super Fun Party Because Everybody Playes at The Same Time.
We Can Accommodate Kids with Special Needs.
Included With All Parties  
1) Party time: 2 hours:
    Longer parities are available
2) Party Host or Hostess:
    To coordinate G-Force Activities
3) Inflated City:
    Inflatable City a real "WOW Factor" when playing Laser Tag. ask about other inhansments for your party
4) Birthday DJ:
    Our Basic Birthday DJ will play Cool Music the kids will love. We can play our censored list or you can provide your own play list Basic.
Fees do not include any transportation beyond 60 miles and venue costs that may apply   tick
G-Force Laser Tag  
Pricing for Up to 30 People   Call
Extra Guest up to 90 extra guests ( per person )
Everybody Playes at The Same Time.  No Waiting No Sharing
Extra hour ( per person )   Call
Great looking G-Force designed invitations, includes envelopes   Call
Photo Booth  
G-Force Photo Booth Rentals is a safe, fun entertainment option that gives your guest something to remember your event for years to come.   Call
G-Force GYRO  
The G-Force GYRO is a safe, fun entertainment option that gives your students the opportunity to experience simulated weightlessness.   Call
Bouncing/Jousting Arena  
Giant Bouncing, Jousting, Boxing arena combo is great fun. It's very large at 26' x 26' the kids love to try their skills against each other.   Call
G-Force GaGa  
G-Force GaGa Ball   Call
G-Force Wrecking Ball  
G-Force Wrecking Ball   Call
Ultimate Twister64  
Giant 64 Person Twister Board
Ultimate Twister64 must be acumpineed with one of our other Party options
G-Force Challenge  
G-Force Challenge is a Giant 150' Obstical Cource   Call
Extras for your guests
G-Force Laser Tag t-shirt ( per guest )   $10
G-Force Laser Tag Hoodie ( per person )   $20
Add a special message or Photo   $10
What we do for you!
a) We Bring The Birthday party Activities You Choose From Our List   tick
b) G-Force Brings the Complete Field Setup.   tick
c) Cool Music the Kids Love   tick
d) We Bring the Birthday Party Fun   tick
e) We Can Accommodate Kids with Special Needs   tick
What do you do?
a) You Bring the Kids   tick
b) You Provide the Venue.   tick
* Fees do not include any transportation, lodging or venue costs that may apply.

NOTE: A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to to hold your party date.

Celebrate With A G-Force Adventures Birthday Party Experience!
G-Force Adventures Birthday Party Maine